Tech giant Dell EMC has announced a new hybrid cloud for the Microsoft Azure Stack that it said will allow organizations to implement and maintain cloud faster and more simply. The new offering will complement Dell EMC's existing Enterprise Hybrid Cloud service that was introduced over three years ago.

The platform will help companies that are trying to make the jump to digital by automating IT service delivery for both traditional and cloud-native platforms, according to Dell EMC. That in turn will help companies reduce time to market for new services while allowing them to free up more resources.

Continuing Collaboration

The new platform will offer enterprises a turnkey solution for the Azure public cloud and the Azure Stack, and will run on Dell EMC’s PowerEdge servers and networking technology.

The new service is the latest collaboration between Microsoft and Dell EMC, in a partnership that goes back years. The service should help Dell EMC build on its already strong position in the global cloud infrastructure market, which consisted of $5.7 billion in revenue and 17.6 percent market share in 2016.

Dell EMC said the new platform will offer a true hybrid cloud solution to help companies speed the development and deployment of new applications, thanks to a consistent programming interface between Azure and the Azure Stack. That should help organizations access cloud application services in both environments more securely, while also allowing them to create and share them more cost effectively, according to the company.

The collaboration will also include integrating Dell EMC’s backup and encryption technologies into the Azure and Azure Stack environments to better secure customers’ data in both public and private deployments.

Huge Demand for Hybrid Clouds

As part of the agreement, Dell EMC will also be providing support to help customers optimize and expand their hybrid cloud platforms. That support will include help in developing and customizing service catalogs, enabling identity and access management systems, and extending monitoring and metering systems to the Azure Stack, the company said. In addition, Dell EMC will provide customers with their own technical account managers to help them build and manage their cloud infrastructures.

"Microsoft and Dell EMC are continuing our longtime alliance by investing in Microsoft Azure Stack on Dell EMC infrastructure to meet rising customer expectations for solutions that deliver a top-quality public and on-premises cloud experience, to rapidly transform, and innovate through applications built for the cloud,"said Mike Neil, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Enterprise Cloud, in a statement.

Dell EMC said it sees considerable benefits in expanding its presence in the hybrid cloud space. The company recently commissioned a global survey of medium to large businesses that found more than 80 percent of companies were either already using a combination of public and private clouds, or expected to do so in the next year.