Protect & Restore Stands Guard for the Scandinavian Medical Center
The Scandinavian Medical Center (SMC) is a multidisciplinary healthcare institution for adults 18 years and above. SMC has more than 100 medical specialists in 39 fields treating more than 50,000 patients each year. The IT infrastructure deploys 220 physical workstations, 11 physical servers, and nine virtual machines. SMC implements the concept of a health management institution with a full cycle of medical services ranging from diagnosis and treatment -- including surgical procedures and follow-up care -- to preventive measures. Like any medical facility, SMC pays close attention to the integrity and safekeeping of patient records, prescribed courses of treatment and results, as well as the reliable protection of the entire IT infrastructure hosting such records. In case of a disaster, the center needs to get up and running immediately, without delay.

The SMC’s hybrid IT infrastructure consists of 55 percent physical and 45 percent virtual machines (VMs) on MS Hyper-V. Nine VMs are run from a financial analytics server based on MS Navision, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, DFL file cluster, with other applications enclosing confidential electronic medical records of patients, as well as Microsoft SQL Server. Physical machines run PACS archive with medical data with MS System Center, including Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and other applications. Before deploying Paragon Protect & Restore (PPR), the SMC used Windows NT backup with a limited set of functions, so administrators began to look for a solution with more capabilities and more stable performance. They needed an efficient solution to fulfill data management tasks and restore data in case of emergency, as well as a solution that would effectively unfold the state of the entire system from a backup.

“We were searching for a single solution to monitor and manage all physical and virtual processes within the clinic’s hybrid IT infrastructure from a single point console,” explained Alexander Kolenchenko, Head of Network Administration and Telecommunications at the Scandinavian Medical Center. “One of the major requirements was to meet service level agreements (SLAs) to make sure the system will not fail and in case of a disaster, restore data within minutes, not hours. We also wanted to integrate enterprise applications like MS Exchange without purchasing additional modules.”

PPR delivers fast and reliable computing to SMC staff, along with the security and simplicity of centralized management, all at the most affordable market price, and with an impressive technical support team available at all times.

The major set of outlined tasks and expectations associated with the purchased product:
1. Scheduled server backup;
2. Backup of servers for active SQL, DB2 (IBM Lotus Domino) databases;
3. Exchange server backup;
4. Sharepoint server backup;
5. Space saving and productive system;
6. Sparingly use storage space taken up by backup copies, bearing in mind the infrastructure is fairly large;
7. File-level restore without restoring entire archive;
8. Restoring backed up data on a new physical machine, if the old one has crashed.

With the qualified support of the Paragon Software experts, the optimal solutions were chosen to service the entire infrastructure of the SMC, namely Paragon Protect & Restore Windows Server and Paragon Protect & Restore Hyper-V.

According to Alexander Kolenchenko, Head of Network Administration and Telecommunications at the SMC, “In one console, PPR combines the simultaneous management of heterogeneous physical and virtual environments. The system’s flexibility is a strong positive feature that allows users to assign different backup tasks for different infrastructure items and use traditional data protection methods for highly valuable information as well as incremental backup scenarios for less vulnerable data. PPR’s modular architecture provides excellent scalability as the number of workstations in the clinic grows. PPR includes intelligent monitoring through the management console, which allows us to now view real-time statistics on all operations, filter errors, warnings, and changes in the infrastructure.”

Paragon Protect & Restore guards the failure-free operation of all crucial systems and applications employed by the Scandanavian Medical Center and allows them to minimize the risk of irreparable loss of patient data including diagnosed diseases, methods of treatment, and history of illness. Due to PPR, the Center is now able to regularly have:

1. Routine scheduled backup;
2. Recovery of corrupted, erased, and accidentally de­leted files on a server (granular recovery);
3. Recovery of Microsoft Exchange letters based on incremental backup technology.
4. Monitoring and reporting in System Center.
PPR provides a single management console for intelligent monitoring and reporting to keep the medical center’s systems running smoothly, receive statistics on all operations, and filter errors, warnings, or other information about infrastructure’s processes.
5. The optimization of business-critical systems and processes, easy and rapid scalability by using a hybrid strategy in combination with a high degree of compression and intelligent load balancing with reduced costs and a faster return on existing infrastructure. The maximum use of the current storage pool without the rental of cloud space proved to be valuable.
6. PPR has a modular architecture that provides excellent scalability.
7. Integration of enterprise applications like MS Exchange does not require the purchase of additional modules.
8. To protect digital assets and resources, PPR uses a special session with a unique identifier, which eliminates remote access via a third party application. The integrity of the unique data blocks used by several recovery points enables intelligent continuous data verification mechanism. Additional protection is possible by setting the mirroring server deduplication.

“It is one of the strong advantages of PPR that there is a local technical support team at hand, always connected with the customer and willing to help them out of any difficulty,” concludes Alexander Kolenchenko.