A new flagship Android phone from Nokia, another smart watch from Sony, and the latest entrant in the Samsung Galaxy line are only a few of the developments we can expect to see once the Mobile World Congress (MWC) gets underway in Barcelona, Spain, next month.

The event, which runs from February 27 to March 2, is one of the biggest mobile device events held annually, with most of the major handset manufacturers taking advantage of the conference to launch their latest and greatest products for the new year. Based on the rumors already flying around, MWC 2017 will likely be no different.

Low-End Android Phone from Nokia

Nokia is said to be preparing a major new launch during the event as it tries to stage a comeback in a market it once dominated. The rumors are suggesting a new flagship Android model from the company, although it may be aiming for the more affordable end of the market.

The company has already launched the Nokia 6 Android in China, and it may decide to use MWC to launch the model to the rest of the world, or at least the European market. The new phones will actually be made by HMD, which recently acquired the rights to sell its phones under the Nokia brand.

Sony, meanwhile, is preparing its own press event for the conference. The signs are pointing toward a new wearable device from the company, with a smart watch being the most likely option. That could be the Sony Smartwatch 4, which may also feature the latest Android Wear system. The company is also believed to be launching at least one new smartphone model in its flagship Xperia line at the event.

New Samsung Products

Samsung may also launch several new products during the conference. The company has a lot of ground to make up following last year’s debacle with the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handset, and it likely wants to move on as quickly as possible to new, less explosive products.

That could include debut of a Galaxy S8, since Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 at last year’s MWC. A new tablet is also likely, particularly since the company failed to introduce the much-anticipated Galaxy Tab S3 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Meanwhile, LG has confirmed that it will be holding its own press event as part of the conference, with observers expecting the company to launch the 5.7-inch G6 phone. The new phone is believed to be a step away from the modular design LG debuted with the G5 model, as a way to improve the build quality of the devices.

A new BlackBerry phone may also debut at MWC, although the new BlackBerry phones will be made by Alcatel parent company TCL Communication, which recently bought rights to the once-iconic brand.