DB Networks Database User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Offers Deep Insights into the Data Tier -- Advanced Database UBA Combined with Machine Learning Immediately Identifies Insider Threats and Malicious Activity Down to the Database Table Level
SAN DIEGO, CA -- Mar. 14, 2017 -- DB Networks today announced advanced database UBA with machine learning that enables anomaly detection down to the database table level. UBA is a cyber security process used to detect insider threats, compromised credentials, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and fraud. In this regard, UBA seeks to identify likely threats by examining patterns of machine and human behavior to detect anomalies that deviates from an established norm. DB Networks now brings a new dimension to traditional UBA by extracting, analyzing, and exposing advanced UBA from activities occurring within the database infrastructure and down to the database table level.

"Previously, organizations were blind to a significant portion of user behavior. This included much of the activity occurring in their database infrastructure," said Brett Helm, Chairman and CEO of DB Networks. "DB Networks DBN-6300 deep protocol inspection capabilities now exposes database specific UBA that can identify insider threats and malicious activity down to the database table level. Further, when advanced database UBA is combined with an organization's traditional UBA tools, the result is a full-spectrum view of user activity that is proving to be extremely insightful."

DB Networks is applying statistical analysis combined with machine learning to identify anomalies that were previously opaque to the security operations center (SOC). Security Analysts now have deep visibility into the database infrastructure and will be notified immediately when users and database applications are beginning to behave badly.

Previously, threats from user activities were hidden if they had originated from within the database infrastructure or had crossed into the database infrastructure from elsewhere in the organizations network. Without database UBA, Security Analysts are unable to identify what activities are being conducted on compromised databases, such as which tables are being accessed. DB Networks' unique ability to automatically model database UBA now offers the necessary deep visibility to addresses these concerns.

Advanced database UBA is available now across DB Networks' entire suite of database security products.

About DB Networks®

DB Networks pioneered Artificial Intelligence based database security. Its customers include the world’s largest financial institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and governments. DB Networks technology non-intrusively assesses database infrastructures through deep protocol extraction, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. Customers gain insights by discovering all active databases, identifying tables being accessed, and the specific applications accessing the databases. In addition, analyzing application database access that deviates from the model of normal application behavior immediately identifies compromised credentials and database attacks. DB Networks is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information, call (800) 598-0450 or visit the company's website.