Now less than a month away from release, Apple's new iPhone X has begun to be spotted "in the wild." A 10-second-long video posted on Reddit this past weekend shows someone holding a silver/white-toned phone matching the iPhone X's specs. As the device is flipped from front to back, viewers can see the screen's wallpaper dynamically adjust to the phone's motion.

The iPhone X is the 10th Anniversary edition of the iPhone, with the X pronounced as the Roman numeral "ten." Priced at $999 and up, the iPhone X will be available for pre-order starting Oct. 27, with in-store availability set for Nov. 3.

According to Apple, the phone will feature facial recognition technology for biometric security, along with an OLED display, innovative TrueDepth camera, all-glass front and back, and the A11 Bionic processor with a neural engine.

Analyst: Expect More Devices with iPhone X Features

In addition to the iPhone X video that appeared on Saturday, Reddit user anonymousdave52 has posted several other images of the new phone, which features a distinctive notch at the top of its glass face to accommodate the front-facing camera. A photo that went up yesterday on Imgur shows the device in white packaging, while three other images on Reddit show the front and back of an iPhone X that appears black but is likely the color Apple calls "Space Gray."

Yesterday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, considered a highly reliable source for information about coming Apple devices, said in a note to investors that he expects Apple to add some of the iPhone X features to next year's models of the iPad Pro as well as to any new phones it releases in 2018. Those features are likely to include the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera, which supports the device's Face ID for biometric security.

To accommodate a front screen that is nearly all glass, there is no longer a home button-based Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X (pictured above with the black frame), such as there was on previous iPhones, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (pictured above with the white frames) that launched last month.

Since Kuo predicts the TrueDepth Camera and facial recognition will be included on more iPhone and iPad models in 2018, developers are expected to focus more on developing facial-recognition-related applications. In addition, Kuo said in his latest note, as reported yesterday by MacRumors, the Android camp can also be expected to dedicate more resources to developing hardware and applications that leverage facial recognition capabilities.

Potential Production Bottlenecks

The iPhone X's TrueDepth camera, however, could lead to some production bottlenecks for Apple, according to recent comments by Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner. In a note to investors, she wrote, "We remain wary that investor expectations for the iPhone 8/X cycle are more optimistic than realistic."

KGI's Kuo last week offered a forecast that lowered expected iPhone X shipments this year from 40 million to between 30 million and 35 million. The problem was linked to reported supply chain issues for the 3D sensors that go into Apple's TrueDepth camera.

On Sept. 27, the Wall Street Journal reported that production snags involving two Face ID components, nicknamed "Romeo" and "Juliet," were raising concerns that the iPhone X could encounter "extended shortages" after its release date.

Citing an unnamed source, the Journal said the longer production times required for the Romeo modules, compared to those for Juliet, "could possibly crimp supplies beyond typical initial shortfalls when the phone is released Nov. 3."