With the release of the final public version of iOS 11 just about a month away, Apple yesterday posted a series of YouTube videos highlighting some of the operating system's coming capabilities for the iPad.

The six new videos demonstrate how iPad users with iOS 11 will be able to do things such as drag and drop multiple images at once, quickly mark up and send email attachments, and open more than one live window at a time for easier multitasking.

Set to be released sometime next month, iOS 11 will be the "biggest software release ever for iPad," according to Apple. The latest developer and public beta versions of the operating system became available earlier this week.

Dock: 'A Foundational Change'

One of the new features arriving with iOS 11 is the Dock, which Apple has called "a foundational change for the iPad." Resembling a task bar, the Dock displays icons of recently used apps and can be customized to provide quick access to users' favorite tools.

In its new preview video about the Dock, Apple demonstrates how users can touch and hold any icon in the bar to quickly view recently opened files in that application. The company added that Dock is "spring-loaded." That means, for example, that after touching and holding any file, a user can swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen to open the Dock and instantly include that file in an app such as Messages for easy sharing.

Files, another new app coming with iOS 11, will provide a single location for accessing all of a user's files and folders, whether they're located on the iPad itself or stored in the cloud.

"With iOS 11, your stuff is all in one place," according to the Files preview video. "You can even make and manage favorites, drag and drop files, or even access and search your files from a bunch of different cloud services."

Security 'Game-Changer' or 'Feel-Good Toy'?

In other videos, all of which are about a minute or less in length, Apple shows how iPad users will be able to drag and drop multiple images at once, close files with a five-finger pinch and verbal "whoop" command to return to the home screen, take instant screen shots that can be quickly marked up and shared, and scan documents for easy signing with an Apple Pencil.

Among the iPads that will support iOS 11 are the iPad Pro, iPad Air, fifth-generation iPad and iPad mini 2, 3 and 4. The new operating system will also work on the iPhone SE and 5s and up, and the sixth-generation iPod touch.

One new feature coming to the iPhone was highlighted yesterday by a Twitter user named Kia, who noted that the new mobile operating system will allow users to quickly disable their fingerprint-enabled Touch ID in favor of password security.

"iOS 11 is a game-changer for Touch ID," Kia tweeted. "Press power button rapidly 5 times and it opens the 2nd screen, but it also forces passphrase entry!"

However, security researcher the grugq called that feature a "feel good toy for people that will never experience risk if their security fails." The grugq tweeted, "It doesn't matter because the only protection is still just the lock screen which is insufficient for real security."