Website optimization platform Ezoic launches after helping small publishers boost ad income by 730% -- - Automatically tested and optimized over 1bn pages in one year of beta activity - Increased mobile ad revenue for small sites by almost 1,000% - Huge increases in visitor numbers to 21 million combined per month
San Diego, CA, July 23, 2014 -- Ezoic is celebrating its launch after a year of closed beta activity in which 1,000+ small publishers signed up to have their website layout improved, resulting in an average ad revenue increase of 730%.

“We solve a problem that many small publishers don’t even know they have,” said John Cole, Ezoic’s Chief Customer Officer. “They’re missing out on millions of dollars each month in lost ad revenue, as well as unnecessary bounced or frustrated visitors, all because their website layout isn’t efficient.”

Ezoic’s ‘optimization’ technology automatically creates and tests multiple versions of the same website to improve the visitor experience and ad income.

Cole explained: “Leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon have been endlessly testing and optimizing their sites for years to get users to buy more online, however, this technology hasn’t really filtered through to publishers of content sites, who should be working on usability. Either they just don’t know about it, or they don’t have the time, money or technical expertise. We handle all this technical ‘heavy lifting’ so they can focus on what they do best -- creating great original content.”

In the year of testing, Ezoic optimized over 1 billion pages, helping traffic increase to 21 million visitors a month across sites using the technology. Sites’ ad revenue increased by an average 730% across all screens, mobile ad revenue alone increased 960%.

“We give ordinary people the freedom to earn a living through a subject they’re passionate about; their site is often their main source of income and Ezoic technology can increase it almost eightfold. It’s life changing money,” said Cole.

Ezoic Beta Success Stories

Google’s search algorithm changes can, inadvertently, seriously deplete a site’s traffic. Catherine Pulsifer’s -- inspirational quotes, sayings and stories -- was hit by the Panda Algorithm update in May 2013. In one year, after thousands of tests, Ezoic has restored the site’s fortunes -- Catherine’s income is up almost 9x and traffic up over 5x.

-- Two sites on knitting and crochet set up by a married mom generated $150K ad revenue in under 8 months

-- A small dog [site] generates over $6K a month

- A site for calculating square footage generates almost $30K a year

-- Turkish engineer, Omer Senocak, created -- design ideas on furniture, home and decoration. Ezoic increased desktop revenue 12x and doubled mobile revenue

-- Algis Ratnikas, born in a refugee camp to Lithuanian parents, created over 10 years -- a simple history timeline. Ezoic increased revenue 5x and tripled traffic.

About the independent content/informational publisher space:

-- More people are becoming online publishers than ever before. ComScore shows sites outside the top 250 web properties (the “long tail”) account for 44% of all US page/video views (352 billion a month)

- Google’s AdSense product for small sites has 2 million+ publishers, generating almost $4 billion per quarter.

About Ezoic

Ezoic is the only fully-automated testing platform for content sites who want to improve their website, but may not have the time or inclination to build their own experiments. Ezoic gives webmasters a fully-automated, scientific solution for increasing income from advertising; automatically testing ad position within the content, as well as testing for usability uplift. Ezoic works for all screen sizes, instantly enabling any site to become mobile and tablet friendly.

- Average revenue uplift of 730%: Desktop 695%, Tablet 380%, Mobile 960%

- 21 million visitors per month to sites using Ezoic technology

- Over 1 billion pages optimized within the last year

- Ezoic raised $5.6 million Series A funding in November 2013

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