Secdo Partners with Leading Japanese IT Solutions Provider To Deliver Prompt Cyber Incident Response -- Value of the contract is estimated to be $15M-$20M over three years.
New York, NY -- Secdo, a pioneer in automated endpoint security and incident response technology, today announced its new partnership with leading Japanese IT Solutions Provider, Marubeni IT Solutions. Under the terms of the partnership, Marubeni IT Solutions acquires distribution rights to provide Secdo's leading Preemptive Incident Response solution across Japan.

Japanese enterprises and government agencies are being swarmed with hacker attempts to invade their networks and endpoints to exfiltrate privileged and personal information. According to Kyodo News of Japan, last year, more than 12 million cases involving the leak of personal information were confirmed or suspected due to cyberattacks against companies and other entities, affecting 1 in 10 people.

Targeted attacks, including ransomware and other types of malware, are becoming more complex, making it close to impossible to detect and prevent them. Sophisticated attackers are able to steal corporate data and then cover their tracks. After such attacks, companies must undertake lengthy and costly forensics, and are often unable to know with certainty what data was stolen, who took it and what steps the hackers used to infiltrate.

Secdo's Endpoint Security and Incident Response technology provides answers to the questions posed by cyber attacks. Secdo preemptively records all activities on all endpoints in anticipation of possible future attacks. It automatically establishes the full context of all activities, connecting them into causality chains. The moment Secdo, or any other detection system, detects a threat, it raises an alert that Secdo immediately correlates with the appropriate causality chain to instantly reveal the full context of the cyber attack from its root cause through all of its steps, and providing full damage assessment. Using Secdo, enterprises are able to bolster their cyber defenses with lessons learned from their own experience as well as from the experience of thousands of other enterprises.

"There is no way to fully prevent cyber attacks; nearly every enterprise and government agency is subject to them and Japan is no exception," stated Mr. Okayasu, Marubeni IT Solutions’ Incident Response Team Manager. "Secdo technology provides complete and prompt answers to hacker attempts making the enterprise far more robust in the face of the daily cyber onslaught."

Secdo also offers a suite of advanced response tools that boost IT teams effectiveness while slashing remediation time and expense. The response tools can be applied remotely without interrupting business productivity.

"Using Secdo, companies can multiply the volume of alerts they can process effectively while boosting their cyber defense posture with very effective and speedy response," stated Mr. Okayasu. "We expect to bring this technology to enhance the endpoint security and incident response of a great many Japanese companies."

About Secdo

Secdo converges automation, endpoint security and incident response to deliver the first end-to-end platform for advanced threat management, hunting, investigation, response, remediation, and defense -- reducing operational costs and response times, while increasing productivity and scaling resources. Customers who use Secdo range from mid-size and Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies to managed security service providers (MSSPs) and technology partners. From entry-level all the way to seasoned experts, security teams of all skill levels can benefit from Secdo’s platform to save on time, costs, and resources. Secdo is headquartered in New York, NY, with teams around the world. For more information, visit Secdo online and on Twitter.