Smart cities are all the rage, with the promise of more efficient, more cost-effective technology that will improve our lives. To help bring the concept to reality, two Colorado-based companies will be working together to keep traffic moving on busy roads, using their intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology.

Kritek, the 7-year-old company behind the cloud-native Klover Smart Transportation Platform will be working with Skyline Products, a veteran in the field of dynamic message signs that use NTCIP (the National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol).

Skyline electronic signs are widely used by gas stations and retail stores to attract customers, and also to help manage traffic flow and parking; while Kritek focuses on serving public transportation agencies, with its software-as-a-service (SaaS) Smart Transportation Platform.

Smart Trip Travel Times

The two companies have announced a strategic partnership to "Klover-enable" Skyline's signs, and offer new turnkey, smart city solutions. Klover-enabled signs are securely accessible from the cloud, so they can be managed conveniently by staff from anywhere, at anytime.

The initial goal for the Kritek-Skyline partnership will be to provide turnkey solutions for public roads, offering "Smart Trip Travel Times" that estimate route times for drivers. While this type of dynamic information is already available on some highway signs throughout the U.S., it is still a relatively new offering.

Kritek CEO Pawan Kharbanda explains that transportation agencies need turnkey solutions that tightly integrate software and hardware to solve specific transportation needs. His company's partnership with Skyline is intended to produce these "out-of-the-box" solutions for state and local transportation agenices.

Intelligence Enabled for the Internet of Things

"As the ITS industry moves toward increasingly intelligent traffic systems, robust hardware-software integration has become critical to efficient traffic management," said Skyline Products CEO Chip Stadjuhar. "Partnering with Klover allows us both to meet an important customer need, providing a unique, field-ready solution that keeps traffic moving safely on crowded roadways."

Existing Skyline customers will also be able to take advantage of the new partnership, leveraging the latest technology for the Internet of Things, big data, analytics, and cloud computing. Klover includes adapters for most Skyline signs to be Klover-enabled to use its Smart Transportation software-as-a-service.

The two companies also plan to extend their partnership, adding other turnkey solutions for smart cities to provide dynamic information on parking availability, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and public transit routes. Kritek states its mission is to meet all demands of a Traffic Management Center, eventually including tunnel management, corridor management, and tolling infrastructure.