Enhanced Fulcrum Claims Manager Software Allows Consumers to Self-register Products and Extended Service Plan Coverage Online -- Browser-based Application Simple to Use; Consumers can Initiate a Claim or Arrange for Return, Repair or Replacement
NEW YORK, May 21, 2012 -- A significantly enhanced version of the Fulcrum Claims Manager software application, which provides new tools for consumers to self-administer extended service claims, has been released by Fulcrum (www.fulcrum-mktg.com).

The Fulcrum Claims Manager, previously used in call centers managed by Fulcrum or its clients, is now available to Fulcrum clients on a software as a service (SaaS) web application. It facilitates the registration of products covered under extended service plans and the administration of claims under those plans.

The latest version allows end customers to register products and extended service plan coverage on their own. If they need to initiate a claim under their service plan, consumers can also initiate service and even arrange for return shipping of an item for repair or replacement.

Several of Fulcrum's clients have already deployed the new version and more are expected to add these self-service capabilities in the coming months.

"Consumers expect to have Web-based tools to manage all sorts of transactions, from buying products to buying extended service plans online. Putting more control in their hands not only offers more convenience, it reduces the cost of servicing a claim," said Nathan Baldwin, executive vice president, Fulcrum. "We've had great success deploying other customer-facing applications; this enhanced Claims Manager app is a natural extension of our technology which should bring great value to our customers and their clients."

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