BPMonline Launches Professional Real Estate and Property Management CRM+BPM Software - BPMonline CRM Realty -- Combines customer relationship and business process management functionality that works right out of the box, is easy to use and offered at a great, low price.
BPMonline, SaaS CRM and business process management solutions provider, today unveiled BPMonline CRM Realty, a new cost-effective web-based CRM solution for real estate agencies, brokerages, developers, and property management companies to facilitate better customer relationships and customized industry related business processes.

BPMonline CRM Realty offers the most advanced business process management (BPM) engine to more effectively enable professionals to manage contracts and lease offers, create agreements and payment follow ups or simply collaborate with partners and associates. BPMonline CRM Realty was developed to be very intuitive, allowing professionals to leverage best practices and achieve improved employee productivity, increased process accuracy and accelerated response times.

In delivering a comprehensive toolset, BPMonline CRM Realty carries out important industry tasks in the most effective way:

Quickly and easily generates leads, grows client-base, saves relationship history
Maintains detailed information on properties
Records, effectively tracks and analyzes client's requests
Enables customizable pre-defined property characteristic searches with ease, such as property types, features and views.
Automates application processing, creating proposal, invoicing and all client service activities
Tracks invoice status
Increases effectiveness of marketing campaigns
Measures quality performance on an individual level and the company as a whole

In addition to mass mailing and document management capabilities, BPMonline CRM Realty offers social media integration, leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Realtors now have the ability to automatically search their contact list and pull in social media information about those contacts without having to manually enter the data. Customer/prospect contact cards can be automatically filled in and Realtors can view their customer's profile in a social network directly from BPMonline CRM Realty with no additional clicks. Contacts can be cross-referenced contacts to an account in order to develop additional leads. By merging transactional data from BPMonline CRM Realty with sentimental insights by customers from their participation on social sites, agents gain a more complete understanding of their customers, which in turn helps them market better, close sales, and improve service.

"BPMonline CRM Realty gives companies the businesses agility needed to stay competitive and supports our goal to help professionals provide better customer service and stronger customer relations. We have customized BPMonline CRM Realty for the Real Estate Market and are excited that our CRM+BPM application will help close more deals and ensure ongoing success," says Andrew Dovgan, BPMonline Business Development Executive.

For further information visit: www.bpmonline.com.

About BPMonline

BPMonline is a global provider of the first-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. The award-winning BPMonline CRM application brings easy and affordable process management tools to CRM professionals. Powerful and easy to use, the solution provides deep user-friendly customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point.

Applying its deep industry-level experience, BPMonline created a wide range of industry-tailored solutions for customer relationships and business process management. BPMonline customers from Real Estate, Telecom, Banking, Legal and other sectors use the out-of-the-box solutions specific to their industry. This approach enables companies to have their CRM+BPM solution up and running quickly and ensure the ongoing success.

Headquartered in London, UK, with an ever-growing partner network, BPMonline is presented in more than 35 countries around the world. Currently 3500 organizations trust our solutions, empowered by the exceptional customer service.