Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference will take place starting Monday, and as usual, we have a fair idea of what will be announced during the event. Announcements of updates for iOS, OS X, Siri and other Apple products are all expected for WWDC 2014. There is always the possibility of hardware announcements during the event as well, though Apple usually saves those for later in the year.

Unlike in 2013, Apple issued tickets to developers at random after the developers applied during a five-day period. Last year, a massive rush caused the available tickets to sell out within minutes, so for 2014, a randomly chosen group of 5,000 developers will participate in 100 technical sessions throughout the week.

iOS Changes

It has all but been confirmed that Apple will be announcing iOS 8 during WWDC, given the release of iOS 7 during last year's event. "At this year's five-day conference, developers from around the world will learn about the future of iOS and OS X," says Apple's press release about the event.

The company's mobile operating system update will not be a significant change from iOS 7 but it will still be noticeably improved. There are a handful of new applications expected to be included in iOS 8, with one of them being Healthbook, according to 9to5Mac. Apple's Healthbook app will collect data like heart rate, blood pressure and sleep through the iPhone's sensors, and possibly an iWatch.

Some of the apps that users are used to seeing on OS X are reportedly going to be added to iOS 8 as well. Those apps include Preview and TextEdit, and both are expected to be used in order to make OS X and iOS more similar to one another. Public transit directions are also expected to be included in the next version of Apple Maps, making the application more competitive in a market filled with popular services like Google Maps and Waze. An updated Maps may not be released until after iOS 8 reaches devices, however.

Hardware Announcements

There is a slim but legitimate possibility that Apple will announce the iPhone 6, a new iMac, or the iWatch during WWDC. Based upon the type of announcements that have been made during previous WWDCs, it seems that at most, one new piece of hardware would be announced, though no one is sure which one that would be.

References to a new iMac were discovered in the OS X 10.9.4 beta, and speculation has led to analysts assuming that either one or two new iMacs will be announced during the event. A cheaper iMac has been in the rumors for months now, and KGI Securities analyst Chi Kuo believes that a low-cost iMac will be announced during WWDC.

Other devices, like the iWatch and iPhone 6, could be announced next week but it is more likely that they will be launched during standalone events later in the year.