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1. Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker for $2.5 Billion

September 15, 2014
Mojang, the small Swedish firm behind the wildly popular video game Minecraft, is being acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. The sale is set to be closed late this year, with the acquisition expected to be break-even in fiscal year 2015. One ...

2. DWNLD Lets You Build an App in Mere Minutes

September 14, 2014
...Endeavor talent agency, the Chernin Group and media industry veteran Gordon Crawford. But it's Fritz Lanman, an early investor in Pinterest and a former senior director at Microsoft Corp., who helped get DWNLD started. Or, at least, his wife Melissa did. After she created an app from scratch for her fashion blog, all of ...

3. American Gets Blood from Fellow Ebola Survivor

September 12, 2014
...have treated two previous Ebola patients and are currently treating another Ebola patient. They hope to develop new treatments based on their experiences. Officials announced Thursday that Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen's foundation is donating $9 million to help the U.S. government fight the disease in West Africa. The grant to the CDC Foundation will help establish ...

4. NSA Forced Yahoo To Supply User Info or Pay Big Fines

September 12, 2014 a secret electronic surveillance data-mining program. The NSA launched PRISM in 2007 and at some point allied with Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to collect stored web communications. Google, Microsoft Yahoo, Facebook and others were involved and started putting out transparency reports outlining the data requests governments were making in response. “The ruling by the Foreign ...

5. Microsoft Reportedly Buying Minecraft Maker for $2 Billion

September 11, 2014
It’s not a done deal, but the rumor mill has reached a fever pitch about a Microsoft and Minecraft merger. The software giant is expected to acquire Mojang, the maker of the popular video game, for over $2 billion. The New York Times ...

6. Gates Foundation Ramps Up Ebola Response

September 11, 2014
...advantages is flexibility," he said. Global health and development dominate the work of the foundation, which has given away $30 billion since 1997. The foundation formed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife reported an endowment worth $40 billion as of March 2014. The foundation was particularly influenced by the request on Friday ...

7. Windows 9 Screenshots Allegedly Leaked

September 11, 2014
There’s been a Microsoft leak, but not the kind that leaves users open to identity theft. Rather, leaked Windows 9 screenshots are circulating on the Internet and, if they are bona fide, offer ...

8. Deezer Targets High End in U.S. with Sonos

September 11, 2014
...available around the world, but the only way to obtain and use it will be through a Sonos networked music player. In that sense, Deezer's launch is reminiscent of what Microsoft did with its Zune MP3 players and Nokia did with its "Comes With Music" mobile phones. Neither of those services gained enough traction in the United States to stay ...

9. Google's EU Antitrust Woes Extended

September 11, 2014
..."now in contact with Google to see if they are ready to offer solutions" to improve their proposed settlement. The plaintiffs in the case -- Google's competitor Microsoft and other tech and Internet companies -- have provided new arguments and data on how the latest proposed settlement would be problematic, said EU competition spokesman Antoine Colombani. ...

10. Dynamics CRM Pros Teach Social Listening via Videos

September 11, 2014
...that can be introduced during translation. The video series covers 28 topics, including case management enhancements for Dynamics CRM; working with Facebook pages; identifying influencers for Microsoft Social Listening; and campaign management for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. In releasing the series, Microsoft points to the growing importance of social media, noting that, “every second there are close ...
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