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1. Dropbox Joins Storage Price Wars, Revises 'Pro' Plan

August 27, 2014
...that would allow users to access a variety of cloud-based services via a single folder on their desktops. Described as a "Dropbox to everything," odrive currently supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook and Instagram and is expected to add support for Dropbox and Gmail next. "With cloud providers making storage ubiquitous and freely available, users are now ...

2. Get Paid for Posts? Social Networking's New Twist

August 27, 2014
...2012 experiment in which Facebook manipulated the accounts of about 700,000 users to analyze how their moods were affected by the emotional tenor of the posts flowing through their pages. Facebook apologized. Kelly still regularly posts on his Facebook page to stay in touch with friends and family, but says he is more leery of the service. ...

3. Are Government Spies Tipping Off Tor?

August 25, 2014
...browser that lets users access the entire Internet -- anonymously. Using Tor, a user can decide if he wants to make himself anonymous to log into sites like Google and Facebook In a blog post, developers of the anonymous browsing service said it found a group of relays it assumed were trying to deanonymize users. ...

4. Largest Array of Indoor Sensors Debuts

August 25, 2014
...intense business, learning and networking. Super Mobility Week ( takes place Sept. 9, 10 and 11, 2014 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Twitter: @ctiashows | Facebook wwwctiashowscomfacebook | LinkedIn: ...

5. AMAX Shows Off CloudMax Private Cloud at VMworld

August 25, 2014
... CloudMax™, recent winner of Intel’s Server Innovation Award for Best Data Center Product, is a total turnkey private cloud solution featuring OpenStack integrated with either traditional server or Facebookinspired Open Compute (OCP) platforms, Open Networking/SDN support capabilities, and multi-hypervisor integration including VMware’s vSphere ESXi, Citrix’s Xen, Windows Hyper-V and KVM. Easily deployed within days and provisioned in minutes, ...

6. Phone Apps Have a Tough Time Grabbing More Users

August 23, 2014
...Lella said currently accounts for just 12 percent to 13 percent of all e-commerce -- is likely to expand significantly over the next several years. Facebook Is King Mobile apps also account for the lion’s share of growth in the amount of time people are spending with digital media, the ...

7. Bad Behavior on Social Media Can Cost Recruits

August 23, 2014
At St. Paul's Episcopal School in Mobile, Alabama, the high school that produced Crimson Tide quarterbacks AJ McCarron and Jake Coker, there's a new preseason ritual for football players: the ...

8. Bounty Offered to Coders for Oculus Rift Bugs

August 22, 2014
...Onavo, Moves and -- now -- Oculus. Announced this past March, Facebooks acquisition of Oculus carried a price tag of around $2 billion. According to a Facebook news release issued at the time, Facebook plans to extend Oculus' "existing advantage in gaming to new verticals, including communications, media and entertainment, education and other areas. Given these ...

9. Foursquare Reinvents To Share Customer Experiences

August 22, 2014
...such honors. It turns out there's not a huge market for this stuff. Foursquare has 50 million users worldwide, compared with Twitter's 271 million, for example. As Facebook Yelp and other services adopted similar check-in features, Foursquare gradually lost what made it special. The company branched out to become a Yelp-like local recommendations service, with an emphasis ...

10. Rufus Cuff Smart Watch a Crowd-Funded Success

August 21, 2014
...venture capital funding, according to the CB Insights analysis. At the top of list was a $75-million investment in Oculus VR before the Irvine startup sold to Facebook for $2 billion earlier this year. In 2004, more than $56 million has flowed from venture capital funds to crowd-funded hardware projects. Grifoni hopes to soon ...
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