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1. Twitter Soars on Strong 2Q Results

July 31, 2014
... Twitter also grew its user base more than expected, alleviating concerns, at least for now, that it doesn't hold appeal for a broad swath of people. Its larger rival, Facebook also posted strong results last week and its stock is trading near a record high. San Francisco-based Twitter's stock jumped 30 percent to $50.01 in extended ...

2. Facebook, OKCupid Not Alone in Studying Consumers

July 31, 2014 has manipulated customer data to see how users of its dating service would react to one another. The New York-based Internet company's revelation follows news earlier this month that Facebook let researchers change news feeds to see how it would affect users' moods. The fact is, big companies use customers as unwitting guinea pigs all the time -- online ...

3. AMD's ARM-Based Opteron Out in $3K Dev Kit

July 30, 2014
...into the low-power chip space in the last several years with its own technology, possibly as a hedge against future moves into microservers by large players such as Google and Facebook Microserver chips have not yet been widely adopted, although they have the potential to help make large data centers more energy and cost efficient. ...

4. Virgin Mobile Offers Custom Smartphone Plans

July 30, 2014
...unlimited texting for $10 or only unlimited voice for $18. The most unique differentiator, though is the ability to pick and choose “add-ons” that offer unlimited access to apps like Facebook or Pandora, or 30 minutes of international calling to specific countries every month or month-by-month. Manage Your Spending “Custom ...

5. Collaboration Provider Asana Revamps Mobile App

July 30, 2014
...Dustin Moskovitz was still at Facebook which he helped start. He has told news media that instead of relying on e-mail, he tried to build a more collaborative space for Facebook projects as early as 2007. He left Facebook the next year to start Asana. The early version of Asana is apparently still in use at Facebook ...

6. Facebook: You Will Use Messenger, and You Will Like It

July 29, 2014
...messaging hub. With the change, pending messages will still be visible within the main Facebook app, but when users try to send a message in their phone's Facebook app, they will be prompted to download Messenger if they have not already. Facebook had announced the change was coming in April. Users Not Happy ...

7. OkCupid Experiments with Daters

July 29, 2014
OkCupid, a popular dating site in the United States, is making Facebooklike headlines for Facebooklike practices. The matchmaking site is flat out admitting it mismatched users in a technology experiment. OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder said his company doesn’t ...

8. U.S. Companies Increasingly Fish for Growth Overseas

July 29, 2014
Major U.S. companies are starting to reap their most rapid growth in fertile lands of opportunity far from home. Technology trendsetters Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and Netflix Inc. all mined foreign countries to produce earnings or revenue that exceeded analysts' projections in their latest quarters. Prodded by the steadily rising demand for Internet ...

9. Music-Streaming MixRadio To Spin Off from Microsoft

July 27, 2014
...manufacturers, Apple with Beats and Samsung with Milk, have music streaming apps. Google and Amazon are also trying to improve music listening. And Doshi doesn't think it's far-off to see Facebook entering the game at some point by buying Spotify. "I still feel like we are in early innings, so I wouldn't count anyone out," Doshi said. ...

10. Review: Amazon Unlimited E-Book Service Is Indeed Limited

July 26, 2014
...if you cancel your subscription. -- Only Kindle Unlimited permits reading on Kindle e-readers such as the Paperwhite. I personally prefer reading without distractions from email and Facebook -- Kindle apps for phones and tablets are more sophisticated than the competition. For instance, you get an estimate of how much time you need to ...
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