Mobile Keyboard Works with Any OS

Mobile Keyboard Works with Any OS
Microsoft has developed a keyboard that works with a variety of operating systems. The Universal Mobile Keyboard is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices.
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Microsoft's Minecraft Buy for Mobile?
The rumor mill was right -- again. Microsoft has acquired Minecraft. Redmond is paying $2.5 million for Mojang, the video game's maker, maybe to boost its evolving mobile business.
Is Microsoft Buying Minecraft for $2B?
It’s not a done deal, but the rumor mill has reached a fever pitch about a Microsoft and Minecraft merger. Redmond is expected to acquire the popular video game maker for over $2B.
Gates Foundation To Fight Ebola
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will spend $50 million to support emergency response to the Ebola outbreak, marking the group's largest-ever donation to a humanitarian effort.
Windows 9 Screenshots Leaked?
There’s been a Microsoft leak, but it won't open users to identity theft. Rather, Windows 9 screenshots leaked online may offer a peek into the future of desktop computing for Windows users.
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Microsoft: Helping biz know customers.
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Bad guys exploiting flaw in browser.
Selfie-Centric Phone from Microsoft
Lumia devices pander to user vanity.
Windows 9 Info Accidentally Leaked
Did execs in China let OS out of bag?
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