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BitTorrent Secure Chat App Public

BitTorrent Secure Chat App Public
Worried about the privacy of your calls and text messages to friends and family? Well, BitTorrent is publicly releasing Bleep, its new P2P messaging app aimed at eliminating any potential snooping middlemen.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
Barium Ferrite (BaFe) is the future of tape.
#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
Get real-time, cloud-based information services with Neustar.
Protect your network with APC Smart-UPS battery backup.
BMC's I.T. solutions unleash the power of your business.
Protect your data. Learn the top 10 endpoint backup mistakes.
Traditional backup is dead! Get the research report.
Alibaba Post-IPO: Insiders in Control
Control over Alibaba Group will stay in the hands of founder Jack Ma and other company vets after the e-commerce giant goes public on the New York Stock Exchange in a record-busting share sale.
Preserve Your Online Life After Death
Sure, you have a lot to do today -- laundry, bills, dinner -- but it's never too early to start planning for your digital afterlife, the fate of your numerous online accounts once you shed this mortal coil.
Netflix Marches Through Europe
Much like the titular character in one of its upcoming shows, "Marco Polo," introduced Europe to Asia hundreds of years ago, Netflix is bringing Silicon Valley-style video streaming to Europe.
FTC Fines Yelp, TinyCo over Kid Data
Online review site Yelp and mobile game company TinyCo have both settled charges with the Federal Trade Commission that they improperly collected information from children through mobile apps.
Alibaba Investors Beware of History
Risk: China's rise leaves out investors.
Oligarch Buys Russian Social Network
Ends long-running shareholder dispute.
Symantec Lifts Block on Gay Sites
Web filter aimed to block lewd photos.
Facebook To Improve Open Source
Could have major impact on business.
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