Cybercrooks Attack Amazon's Twitch

Cybercrooks Attack Amazon
Will Amazon flinch over what security researchers are calling a “twitch of fate”? The e-commerce giant has plenty to flinch about, as malware has invaded its live video game platform Twitch.
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Gmail Hacked, Better Security Needed
If you're a Google Gmail user, it's bad news. About 5 million Gmail addresses and plain text passwords were leaked to an online forum on Tuesday. The good news: the data is old, but better security is still needed.
USIS To Lose Gov't Work After Hack
The federal Office of Personnel Management plans to terminate its massive contracts with USIS, the major security clearance contractor that was targeted last month by a cyberattack.
5 Million Gmail Passwords Stolen
Nearly five million usernames and passwords associated with Google's Gmail service were hacked and leaked Tuesday on a Russian Bitcoin security forum. Most passwords were three years old.
Trustwave Opens 'Ethical Hacking' Lab
While the unethical hackers of the world look for security vulnerabilities in everything from routers to PIN-pads, ethical hackers at a new lab at Trustwave try to beat them to the punch.
Apple Beefs Up iCloud Security
But company's still not doing enough.
Hackers Crack
DDoS now; theft of personal info next?
Sony Attack Shows Security Threat
Wake-up call on real world dangers.
Star Photos Find 'Safe Harbor' Online
Absolves Web sites of legal liability.
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