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10 Things To Know about Windows 10

10 Things To Know about Windows 10
There were some surprises in Microsoft's announcement about its next operating system update, including that it will be called Windows 10. But Redmond has much more in store for users.
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Windows 10: Built for Business Users
Microsoft on Tuesday took the lid off its much-anticipated Windows 10 operating system. An updated user experience and better security and management functions are at the core of the announcement.
Microsoft Debuts Windows 10
It’s finally here -- the next major upgrade to the Windows operating system. But it’s not called Windows 9, as many expected. Microsoft is skipping to Windows 10, which heralds the return of the start menu.
Next Windows Version Debuts Sep 30
Alain Crozier, the president of Microsoft France, inadvertently mentioned that the coming Microsoft event will be to unveil "Windows 9." As it turns out though, Microsoft skipped 9 and went straight to 10.
Apple Sorry for Week of Fiascos
Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit stores, the highs of Apple's record-breaking sales have been quickly overtaken by a number of lows -- iOS 8 featured multiple bugs and the devices even seemed to warp.
Upgrade to iOS 8 Now or Wait?
Once you do, it's difficult to go back.
Windows 9 Screenshots Leaked?
Reveal future of PC desktop computing.
What iOS 8 Brings to the Mobile Table
A more intuitive user experience.
Windows 9 Info Accidentally Leaked
Did execs in China let OS out of bag?
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