U.S. Works To Step Up Ebola Aid

U.S. Works To Step Up Ebola Aid
The American strategy on Ebola is two-pronged: Step up desperately needed aid to West Africa and, in an unusual step, train U.S. doctors and nurses for volunteer duty in the outbreak zone.
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23andMe CEO Navigates Regulation
No Silicon Valley company better embodies the promise and the pitfalls of working in health care than DNA testing firm 23andMe. Last November, the FDA ordered the company to stop marketing its product.
American Gets Blood Ebola Survivor
An American aid worker infected with Ebola has been given blood from a fellow doctor who battled the disease, and doctors say the man has responded well to aggressive treatment.
Silicon Valley Clashes with FDA
From Apple's smartwatch that tracks heartbeats to contact lenses that measure blood sugar, Silicon Valley is pouring billions into health care gadgets. But FDA regulations are crimping tech giants' style.
Gates Foundation To Fight Ebola
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will spend $50 million to support emergency response to the Ebola outbreak, marking the group's largest-ever donation to a humanitarian effort.
Hospitals Use Too Many Antibiotics
Redundant antibiotics can be harmful.
Respiratory Illness Hits Midwest
Nearly 500 children have been sickened.
Ebola Putting Health Workers at Risk
Changes made to working conditions.
Monkey Study: Ebola Vaccine Works
Highly promising, but challenges remain.
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