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  Facebook: Why We Collect Your Data (Apr-19-18)

  Web's Inventor Talks Privacy Threats (Apr-19-18)

  Court Drops MS Data Privacy Case (Apr-18-18)

  Cambridge Analytica Have Your Data? (Apr-09-18)

  Zuckerberg Set To Testify April 11 (Apr-05-18)

  Is Snapchat Pulling a Facebook? (Apr-02-18)

  Facebook Halts 'Partner Categories' (Mar-30-18)

  Privacy, Data Woes for FB, Google (Mar-29-18)

  Adobe Initiative: Better Ad Targeting (Mar-29-18)

  Zuckerberg To Testify to Congress (Mar-28-18)

  FTC Is Investigating Facebook (Mar-26-18)

  Budget Bill May Nix MS Court Case (Mar-23-18)

  How Facebook Allowed Data Leak (Mar-21-18)

  Facebook Faces a New Data Debacle (Mar-19-18)

  AI's Secret: It's Powered by People (Mar-06-18)

  AI: Boost To Cybercrime, Threats (Feb-23-18)

  Hockey Goes High Tech at Olympics (Feb-21-18)

  Oracle Ups Cloud Data Center Game (Feb-14-18)

  VMware Won't Speculate on Dell Plans (Feb-05-18)

  Commvault and HPE Team on Backup (Jan-22-18)

  For Success Marketers Must Adopt AI (Jan-15-18)

  Intel Nervana Chip Revolutionizes AI (Oct-18-17)

  SAP Buys Gigya for Customer ID Mgt (Sep-24-17)

  Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (Aug-11-17)

  Salesforce Boosts Service Cloud (Aug-09-17)

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