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  SAP, Siemens Launch Tool for Utilities (Mar-30-17)

  Recognition Database Out of Date? (Mar-28-17)

  Oracle Intros APM Tools for Utilities (Mar-22-17)

  SAP Updates Vora Analytics Engine (Mar-17-17)

  MS Exec Warns: AI Ripe for Abuse (Mar-14-17)

  Google's DeepMind Tracks Records (Mar-12-17)

  Salesforce & IBM Infuse CRM with AI (Mar-07-17)

  WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Trove (Mar-07-17)

  IBM Unveils Quantum Computing Plan (Mar-06-17)

  Is DNA the Future of Data Storage? (Mar-04-17)

  Dell Intros Industrial IoT Gateways (Mar-02-17)

  Salesforce Boosts Healthcare Service (Feb-27-17)

  EU Concerned About Win 10 Privacy (Feb-22-17)

  Salesforce Brings AI to Service Cloud (Feb-20-17)

  Human Microchip Ban Sought (Feb-15-17)

  Tact Brings AI Assistant to Slack (Feb-14-17)

  Data Science: New Path for Women (Feb-13-17)

  Vizio Settles Smart TV Spying Charges (Feb-08-17)

  Adobe Discusses Super Bowl Insights (Feb-06-17)

  IBM Buys Agile 3 for Security Tech (Jan-30-17)

  Want To Track Phones? Get a Warrant (Jan-27-17)

  Salesforce Deals Signal Change (Jan-26-17)

  Court Denies Full Hearing in MS Case (Jan-25-17)

  New D-Wave Quantum Computer (Jan-25-17)

  AMD Intros Vega GPU Architecture (Jan-06-17)

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