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  BlackBerry Outsourcing Hardware (Sep-28-16)

  Google Allo: Rejoins Messaging Wars (Sep-22-16)

  Google Allo: Smart Enough For Chat? (Sep-21-16)

  Waze To Fix 'Tunnel Blindness' (Sep-21-16)

  FDA Seeks Opioid Overdose App (Sep-20-16)

  Lyft Sees Robot Drivers in 5 Years (Sep-19-16)

  Pandora Revamps $5 a Month Service (Sep-16-16)

  Toymakers Stop Tracking Kids Online (Sep-15-16)

  The 'Secret Browser' Inside iOS 10 (Sep-14-16)

  Twitter Launching Streaming Apps (Sep-14-16)

  The Way You Tweet Is Changing (Sep-13-16)

  Tech May Make Older Drivers Safer (Sep-12-16)

  Is It Time To Bypass the Cable Box? (Sep-11-16)

  NFL Games Are All Going Online (Sep-10-16)

  iOS 10 Rolls Out September 13 (Sep-08-16)

  Snapchat: AR Hardware Speculation (Sep-06-16)

  Silicon Valley's Tech Tourism Trend (Sep-04-16)

  Google to Expand Waze Ride-Sharing (Aug-31-16)

  Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 Unveiled (Aug-30-16)

  Apple Urges Update After iOS Hack (Aug-26-16)

  UK Slams Social Media in Terror Fight (Aug-26-16)

  WhatsApp Gives Marketers Your Data (Aug-25-16)

  France, Germany Seek App Rules (Aug-24-16)

  Lenovo Devices Add Microsoft Apps (Aug-23-16)

  MS Buys AI Assistant Startup Genee (Aug-23-16)

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