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  Microsoft Slashing Nearly 3,000 Jobs (Jul-29-16)

  Comcast vs. Wait for the Cable Guy (Jul-29-16)

  China Legalizes Car-Sharing Services (Jul-29-16)

  Twitter Still Struggling To Grow (Jul-28-16)

  Musk Racing To Get Gigafactory Done (Jul-28-16)

  iPhone Sales Dip, Service Revenue Up (Jul-27-16)

  Verizon May Up Yahoo Ad Targeting (Jul-27-16)

  Cellphone Surveillance Limits Praised (Jul-26-16)

  Airbnb Sues Over Rental Regulation (Jul-26-16)

  Solar Flight World Tour a Success (Jul-26-16)

  Verizon Is Buying Yahoo for $4.8B (Jul-25-16)

  FCC Goes on Robocall Offensive (Jul-25-16)

  Candidates To Focus on Small Biz (Jul-25-16)

  Startups Aim To Be Uber for Women (Jul-24-16)

  Summer Travelers Try Airbnb, Uber (Jul-24-16)

  Verizon To Cut Off Heavy Data Users (Jul-22-16)

  Elon Musk's Master Plan for Tesla (Jul-22-16)

  Small Business Optimism Higher (Jul-21-16)

  Netflix U.S. Subscriber Growth Slows (Jul-20-16)

  Yahoo Writes Down Tumblr Value (Jul-20-16)

  Historic Dell/EMC Merger Approved (Jul-19-16)

  Stomach Issues? Robot on the Way! (Jul-19-16)

  Post Brexit: Softbank To Buy ARM (Jul-19-16)

  Japanese Firms Seek Teens on Vine (Jul-19-16)

  Experts: Yahoo Led Itself to Auction (Jul-19-16)

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