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  Concierge Tech Comes to Cruise Line (Jan-15-17)

  Carmakers Hitching Ride with Tech (Jan-06-17)

  CES 2017: Wireless Charging Ahead (Jan-06-17)

  Norton Unveils Secure Wi-Fi Router (Jan-03-17)

  Cell Service May Come to Mt. Rainier (Dec-28-16)

  Calif Prisons Fight Phone Smuggling (Dec-27-16)

  Enterprise Networking Trends for 2017 (Dec-27-16)

  Smart Home: Haven for Hackers? (Dec-26-16)

  Apple AirPods: Easy To Wear & Forget (Dec-21-16)

  Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Jarvis (Dec-20-16)

  Traveling? Keep Phone Charges Low (Dec-17-16)

  Uber Self-Driving Cars Hit Roads in SF (Dec-14-16)

  The Drive To Secure Smart Cars (Dec-14-16)

  Amazon Echo Dot: Good as the Echo (Dec-13-16)

  New Ransomware Is True Evil Genius (Dec-13-16)

  Next-Gen, Faster Bluetooth Is Here (Dec-08-16)

  Audi Offers Red Light-Reading Cars (Dec-08-16)

  Google Wifi: Cheap, Powerful, Easy (Dec-07-16)

  Amazon's Grocery Store without Lines (Dec-06-16)

  The 2017 IT Security Landscape (Dec-05-16)

  HPE Debuts Enterprise IoT Services (Dec-02-16)

  PC Partners Part Company in Cloud (Dec-01-16)

  Netflix Launches Offline Viewing (Nov-30-16)

  Internet Security Outlook for 2017 (Nov-28-16)

  Say Goodbye to Apple Wi-Fi Routers (Nov-22-16)

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