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  Google Fiber Rethinking Its Strategy (Aug-29-16)

  Homeless: Avid Users of NYC Wi-Fi (Aug-25-16)

  Audi's Red Light Countdown Clock (Aug-20-16)

  AT&T Plans Eliminate Overage Fees (Aug-17-16)

  Google Aims for Wireless Broadband (Aug-12-16)

  Live Video Helps Creators Earn Money (Aug-09-16)

  Wireless Keyboards Open to Hackers (Jul-28-16)

  FB Tests Aquila Solar Internet Drone (Jul-22-16)

  Microsoft Betting Future on the Cloud (Jul-21-16)

  FaceBook Sees Laser-Based Internet (Jul-20-16)

  U.S. Announces $400M 5G Initiative (Jul-15-16)

  FB Launches OpenCellular Platform (Jul-07-16)

  Amazon Dash Buttons Expanded (Jun-30-16)

  New Certification Aims To Boost Wi-Fi (Jun-29-16)

  FCC Chairman Urging 5G Supremacy (Jun-28-16)

  Where Technology Meets Real Estate (Jun-25-16)

  Western Digital Intros WD Pro Series (Jun-22-16)

  Plume Aims To Reinvent Home Wi-Fi (Jun-17-16)

  Google's Project Fi Adds U.S. Cellular (Jun-09-16)

  Alphabet: Wireless Internet for Homes (Jun-09-16)

  FCC Rules Would Boost Web Privacy (Jun-07-16)

  Nest CEO Fadell Flies the Coop (Jun-07-16)

  Beijing Technology Tracks the Elderly (Jun-05-16)

  Caltech Sues Apple Over Patents (May-31-16)

  French IoT Firm Boosts U.S. Presence (May-04-16)

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