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  Review: Forgotten iPhone 8 Is Great (Sep-19-17)

  Cheaper Rivals to Apple's iPhone X (Sep-15-17)

  Is Pixel 2 Phone Arriving on Oct. 4? (Sep-14-17)

  Apple Unveils iPhone X with Face ID (Sep-13-17)

  Apple's iPhone X Pricing Strategy (Sep-13-17)

  iPhone X: Apple Dumps Home Button (Sep-12-17)

  Samsung Eyes Foldable Smartphone (Sep-12-17)

  Will Phones Make Laptops Obsolete? (Sep-12-17)

  What We Know about New iPhones (Sep-11-17)

  Apple May Debut $1,000 iPhone (Sep-11-17)

  Galaxy Note 8 Gets Thumbs Up (Sep-06-17)

  iPhone 8 May Reveal a Siri Shake-Up (Sep-06-17)

  What To Expect from New iPhone (Sep-05-17)

  Samsung Note 8 Offers Stylish Stylus (Sep-05-17)

  Apple: Radical iPhone Redesign? (Sep-02-17)

  400 GB Memory Card Hits the Market (Sep-01-17)

  New iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel Info (Aug-24-17)

  Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Note 8 (Aug-23-17)

  Samsung's Bixby Available Worldwide (Aug-22-17)

  Nokia 8 Debuts New Trend: The Bothie (Aug-19-17)

  Details about Galaxy Note 8 Leaked (Aug-08-17)

  Google Pixel: Commercial Suicide? (Aug-07-17)

  Will the iPhone 8 Scan Your Face? (Aug-07-17)

  Note 9 May Embed Fingerprint Sensor (Aug-07-17)

  Leaked Images Show Galaxy Note 8 (Aug-01-17)

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